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Automobile Carbon Brush

1. From the intuitive point of view, automobile carbon brush (motorcycle carbon brush) should have a proper chamfer, appropriate specifications, standard structures, sections and lengths of wires that are in line with the requirements. There should be no loosing, getting off, damaged parts, dislodged angles or edges or clamps.
2. The symbols of a good performance of automobile carbon brush (motorcycle carbon brush) are as follows:
(1) Long duration and not damaging the commutation or the collecting ring.
(2) Good commutation and collecting capability to limit the sparks within the capacity and minimize the energy consumption.
(3) No over heat, low noise and no wearing out when the automobile's brush is in operation (the motorcycle's brush).
(4) Able to form a film of even, moderate and stable oxygen quickly on the surface of the commutation or the collecting ring when in operation.

Starter Motor Carbon Brush
The starter motor uses series motors. Its rated voltage and power are as follows: for gasoline cars (with the displacement of 360-2000 ml), 12V/0.4-1.2kw; for small diesel vehicles (with the displacement of 2000-3000ml), 12V/1.5-3kw; for large diesel cars, 24V/3.7-11kw. High torque and instantaneous overload durability are required of the brush when it is in low speed. Since the starting current is very large, the contact voltage drop should be paid attention to and the spring pressure should be increased. In theory, the carbon brush with a low contact voltage will have a large degree of wear. Therefore, the materials of the carbon brush should be determined according to the torque and the longevity. When in operation, the motor's rotating speed increases as the brush's weight decreases. The brush's longevity is calculated on the assumption that it is started for 20,000 to 50.000 times (10 times per day, totaling 6 years).
The carbon brush is more vulnerable to the low temperature and low moisture compared with brushes used in other motors because of its high percentage of mental in its ingredients. Lead, tin and other special ingredients are usually added to the brush to reduce the wear bhttpeen the carbon brush and the commutation.

Generator Carbon Brush
DC shunt generators can also improve output power/weight rate. As for the choice of the carbon brush's materials, motors that have difficulties in commutation use power graphite brush. Those with extreme difficulties use natural graphite with high resistance. Using soft graphite can lower the noise caused by the carbon brush.

Accessory Motor Carbon Brush
heating equipment, including water heaters, scrubbers have been widely installed in automobiles. Air-conditioning, air-conditioners, window lifters and seat adjustment devices all need carbon brush.

Automobile Carbon Brush Automobile Carbon Brush Automobile Carbon Brush Automobile Carbon Brush Automobile Carbon Brush Automobile Carbon Brush

Automobile carbon brush (motorcycle carbon brush) can be applied to A/C blower motor, alternator, accessory motor, slip and ring motor, motorcycle starter, Automotive starter, A/C Blower motor, accessory motor, B/V application, Automotive alternator.
Our company is a China-based automobile carbon brush (motorcycle carbon brush) manufacturer and supplier. We produce carbon brushes of over 1000 specifications for the clients' choice. Meanwhile, we continue our research and development of new automobile carbon brush (motorcycle carbon brush) to satisfy the increasing demands of our clients. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. The competitive price is another edge that wins the clients' recognition besides our products' high quality. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' own designs. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).

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