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Carbon Brush Holder

It's used to impose the pressure on the carbon brush which is in contact with a commutator or the surface of a collecting ring through a spring to allow it to transmit the currents steadily bhttpeen the fixed part and the rotating part. Carbon brush holder and carbon brush are both important parts for motors. However good the carbon brush's performance is, without a proper carbon brush holder, it can not make the best of its excellent features. Worse still, it may cause damages to the performance and longevity of the motor.
Carbon brush holder is composed of the brush box which keeps the carbon brush at the designated spot, the pressure section which presses the carbon brush with a proper pressure to prevent it from shaking, the frame which connects the brush box and the pressure section and the fixed part that fixes the carbon brush holder onto the motor. the requirements for the carbon brush holder's performance are as follows: keep the carbon brush stable, assemble and dissemble the carbon brush within the brush box when the brush is being checked or replaced, the adjustment of bare part at the bottom of the brush box (the gap bhttpeen the brush box's lower fringe and the commutator or the surface of the collecting ring) should be available to prevent wearing the commutator or the collecting ring, a small impact on the brush caused by changes of the pressure on the brush box, direction of the pressure and the pressing points, and a firm structure. Carbon brush holder is mainly made up of bronze casting materials, aluminum casting materials, and other composite materials. Carbon brush holder's own materials should possess a good mechanical strength, the capability of processing, durability of corrosion, heat dissipation and conductivity.

Carbon Brush Holder Carbon Brush Holder Carbon Brush Holder Carbon Brush Holder Carbon Brush Holder

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of Carbon Brush in china. We have become a leading producer of carbon brush holder on the Chinese market over the past 30 years' experience. We offer many types of carbon brush holder for the clients' choice. We also keep researching and developing new carbon brush holder to satisfy our clients' needs. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. We have clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. High quality products and the competitive price are the foundation and guarantee of our growing market and clients. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' demands. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).

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