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Graphite Plate

Graphite plate is one of the major products of XiangHai Carbon Brushes Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is widely used in various kinds of machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other industries. It also acts as the accessory of some imported devices and replaces the imported parts. It possesses an excellent capability of enduring high temperature, self-lubricant ability, and a high conductivity coefficient. The density of the graphite plate produced by Bo'ou Carbon Industry can reach up to 2.5g/cm3. As one type of carbon graphite plate, the graphite plate has worked as a seal part which can effectively be applied to blade compressors, rotor engines, gasoline machines, printers and vacuum pumps.

In terms of design, the seal of the graphite plate is actually the seal of the rotating compressor's compression chamber. It is mainly made up of a cylinder rotor upon which some blades placed in the radial grooves are fixed. The rotor is eccentrically attached to the cylinder axis with cold water or cold gas. When the rotor rotates, pulled by the centrifugal force, the blade is thrown out along the radius and then attaches to the cylinder wall closely. In this way, the space bhttpeen the rotor and the cylinder wall is divided into many sections. (depending on the number of the graphite plate)

The practice and the improvement of the graphite plate packed into wood boxes show that the self-lubricant capability of graphite plate is very important. If the friction coefficient bhttpeen the blade and the cylinder wall is very large, the friction heat will be increased during the operation. To avoid such a phenomenon, it is believed in recent years that making the plate with artificial graphite powder while mixed with coal asphalt will achieve the best possible results.Graphite Plate If this material is further made into graphite, it will have a better self-lubricant capability, but its strength will be lowered. This is not compatible with the demands for use. Therefore, this method is often abandoned. In order to further increase the plate's strength, we can put the graphite material under dipping. However, it should be noticed that when the high proportion metal is used for this purpose, although the strength can be increased, the wear bhttpeen the plate and the cylinder wall is also increased and the centrifugal force is consequently raised. This will easily lead to the wear of the friction surface bhttpeen the plate and the cylinder wall. The spot or the scales will be stripped off, lowering the seal capability of the graphite plate.

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of graphite plate in china. We have become a leading producer of graphite plate on the Chinese market over the past 30 years' experience. We offer many types of graphite plate for the clients' choice. We also keep researching and developing new graphite plate to satisfy our clients' needs. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. We have clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. High quality products and the competitive price are the foundation and guarantee of our growing market and clients. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' demands. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).

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