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Power Tool Carbon Brush

1. The Power Tool Carbon Brush we provide can be installed onto power tools working under the voltage of 110V, 120V, and 240V.
2. Power Tool Carbon Brush can be used on cutter, mixer, pruners, mower, kitchen electrical with small power and DC power tools under 24V, and vacuum cleaner, washing machine motors under 600W, etc.

Notes for installation :
1. It is forbidden to install the carbon brushes with different brands and materials on the same product.
2. Notice especially whether the spring presses well during the installation and whether it's prevents the function of carbon brush.
3. Notice whether copper bolts are stable and whether the way of their fixation affects the use of carbon brush.
No oil can be stained on the carbon brush or the friction surface of the rotating parts.

The running of Power Tool Carbon Brush:
The contact bhttpeen the friction surface of Power tool carbon brush and that of the rotating parts should be complete so that the electric currents will be transmitted evenly. Without the running, sparks will be produced when the motor is in operation. The methods of running are as follows: Natural running: after the installation of Power tool carbon brush is finished, switch on the motor under no-load operation to enable a natural running (about 0.5-3 hours according to the size).
Artificial running: use the sandpaper for running without power.
Tool running: use the millstone or other maintenance tools under the no-load conditions. Professional personnel are needed.

Power Tool Carbon Brush Power Tool Carbon Brush Power Tool Carbon Brush Power Tool Carbon Brush Power Tool Carbon Brush Power Tool Carbon Brush
We are a specialized power tool carbon brush manufacturer and supplier, specialized in providing a great variety of carbon brush for our customers. Additionally, we are continuously committed to developing new type of power tool carbon brush to meet the increasing demand of our customers. Our company has been authorized the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification. Due to high quality products and competitive prices, our products are greatly favored by our customers from all over the world. We can provide customized service and OEM service is also available.

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