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High Purity Graphite

It's widely used in the industrial sectors. It can be manufactured into kinds of parts, vacuum furnace, single crystal furnace, graphite crucibles, heater, heat shield; precious metal alloys melting containers; casting of carbide graphite mold; EDM graphite; heat-resistant and anti-wear of axis; various high-temperature heating element and so on. We are professional manufacturer and supplier of Graphite Products in china. We have become a leading producer on the Chinese market thanks to our 30 years' experience. We can make the products according to the clients' samples and drawings.

The production process of high purity graphite is almost the same as that of graphite, but has certain features as follows:
1. The raw materials chosen must have a low ash concentration, e.g., when the petroleum coke is used as the raw material, its ash concentration must not exceed 0.15%.
High Purity Graphite2. It can be formed by extrusion or molding. It is usually made into fine grain structure of various shaped devices. Molding is more frequently adopted in making high purity graphite and HIP can be used, too.
3. The key step in making high purity graphite is to increase the purity of graphite. The temperature should be higher than making ordinary graphite electrodes and halogens gas is needed in the process of making graphite in other to decrease the concentration of impurities to around150-200ppm or lower.
4. Some impurities may attach to the surface when the high purity graphite is being machined. The degree of contamination is decided by the working environment and the processing methods. To get rid of the contamination, purification can be done again.

Pyrolytic graphite needs to be smeared on the surface of certain high purity graphite to improve the antioxidant capability of the high purity graphite. High purity graphite and high strength graphite are the important products in the industry of carbon and graphite wares. To produce high purity graphite metal, semi-conductor materials, and rare metal, many parts made of high purity graphite are often used. High purity graphite can survive high temperature without adding the concentration of impurities.

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