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Carbon Graphite Bearing

Since carbon graphite materials possess a series of features suitable for making wear-resistant parts, carbon graphite bearing is currently widely used for producing bearing working under special conditions. Carbon graphite bearing is extensively used in places where oil lubricants are not permitted during the bearing's operation, such as in the transports in industrial sectors like food, textile and chemicals, driers in the paper-making industry, bearing used in man-made textile machines, cigarette making devices, and submersible pump motors. Oil lubricants in these places will inevitably cause contamination, therefore, they are prohibited. However, carbon graphite bearing boasts a strong self-lubricant capability, able to operate for long without lubricants.

When it comes to choosing graphite bearing, the bearing's operating temperature should also be taken into account. This temperature is determined be two factors: the medium's temperature surrounding the bearing and the friction heat resulting from the bearing's friction surface. As is known to all, carbon graphite bearing made of various materials allows different temperatures. As a result, bearing made of proper materials should be chosen according to the operating temperatures. When the bearing is immersed in liquids or the liquids spray on the bearing (wet operation), the friction and the wear will be largely lowered. Besides, the liquids can help to reduce the friction heat. In this way, the PV permitted by carbon graphite bearing in significantly increased. On this condition, that PV could be over 1000 times compared with that of dry running.

Graphite Bearing Graphite Bearing Graphite Bearing

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of carbon graphite bearing in china. We have become a leading producer of carbon graphite bearing on the Chinese market over the past 30 years' experience. We offer many types of carbon graphite bearing for the clients' choice. We also keep researching and developing new carbon graphite bearing to satisfy our clients' needs. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. We have clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. High quality products and the competitive price are the foundation and guarantee of our growing market and clients. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' demands. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).

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