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Graphite Products

    1. Hot Pressed Graphite [ Graphite Products ]
      Hot pressed graphite is made of high purity graphite and resin after hot pressing. Hot pressed graphite has high mechanical strength, sealing performance stability, short production cycle of features. Hot pressed graphite is mainly used in industries such as auto water seal、miniature pumps.
      We are professional manufacturer and supplier of hot pressed graphite in china. We have become a leading producer of hot pressed graphite on the Chinese market over the past 30 ...
    1. Metal Impregnated Graphite [ Graphite Products ]
      Metal impregnated graphite is a subject that has interested crystal scientists and material scientists for the recent several decades. Apart from two common allotropes (diamond and graphite), Metal impregnated graphite can have plenty of crystal classes, ranging from amorphous to highly crystalline graphite. The changes in the structure lead to the differences in the nature, thus the carbon cable materials can be applied to many areas. For example, graphite can work as a lubricant, ...
    1. High Purity Graphite [ Graphite Products ]
      High purity graphite is widely used in the industrial sectors. It can be manufactured into kinds of parts, vacuum furnace, single crystal furnace, graphite crucibles, heater, heat shield; precious metal alloys melting containers; casting of carbide graphite mold; EDM graphite; heat-resistant and anti-wear of axis; various high-temperature heating element and so on. We are professional manufacturer and supplier of high purity graphite in china. We have become a leading producer on the ...
    1. Graphite Bearing [ Graphite Products ]
      Since carbon graphite materials possess a series of features suitable for making wear-resistant parts, carbon graphite bearing is currently widely used for producing bearing working under special conditions. Carbon graphite bearing is extensively used in places where oil lubricants are not permitted during the bearing's operation, such as in the transports in industrial sectors like food, textile and chemicals, driers in the paper-making industry, bearing used in man-made textile ...
    1. Graphite Plate [ Graphite Products ]
      Graphite plate is one of the major products of XiangHai Carbon Brushes Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is widely used in various kinds of machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear energy and other industries. It also acts as the accessory of some imported devices and replaces the imported parts. It possesses an excellent capability of enduring high temperature, self-lubricant ability, and a high conductivity coefficient. The density of the graphite plate produced by Bo'ou Carbon ...
    1. Graphite Ring [ Graphite Products ]
      The purpose of any seal device is to seal gases or liquids in the closed windows. The moving parts (shaft of piston rod) can protrude from the closed windows through seal devices so as to connect with the prime movers. Carbon graphite ring seals can be made into non-contact structure, that is leaving a small gap bhttpeen the fixed and moving parts, or the contact structure with the fixed and moving parts contacting each other. Contact seal devices need lubricants to reduce the friction and wear ...
    1. Carbon Graphite [ Graphite Products ]
      Wear-resistant carbon graphite products are usually used as structural materials which are frequently applied to the mechanical industry and chemical production. They have become an important branch of the carbon and graphite product industry. The type and the number of wear-resistant carbon graphite products are rapidly growing at home and abroad.
      Compared with many metallic materials and non-metallic materials, carbon graphite ...

Graphite Products

Application of Graphite
Graphite is widely used industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, chemical industry, textile and national defense because of its excellent capabilities.
Acting as refractory materials

One of graphite's major functions is to produce refractory materials, including firebricks, crucibles, continuous casting powder, mold cores, molds, detergents and high temperature-proof materials. In recent years, there are two major changes in the industry of refractory materials, that is magnesium carbon bricks are widely used in the furnace lining and aluminum carbon bricks are used in continuous casting.

Acting as conductive materials
Graphite is widely used as electrodes, electronic brushes, carbon rod, carbon tube, cathode mercury rectifier, graphite gasket, telephone parts, TV tube coating etc in the electrical industry. And graphite electrodes are the most widely used. When graphite electrodes are used in the smelting all kinds of alloy steel and ferroalloy, the strong currents which pass through the electrodes and flow into the melting zone of the EAF, produce arcs to transform the electrical energy into thermal energy and increase the temperature so that the melting or the reaction is achieved. Besides, the cells' anodes also use graphite electrodes when the magnesium, aluminum and sodium are in the process of electrolysis.

Acting as wear-resistant and lubricant materials
Graphite is always used as lubricants in machinery industry. Lubricating oil can work in the high-speed, high-temperature and high-pressure environment, but graphite wear-resistant materials can function in high temperature and high sliding speed without lubricating oil. Many devices that transport corrosive media use graphite to make piston rings, rings and bearings. Lubricating oil is not needed when they are in operation. Graphite is also the good lubricant of a lot of metal processing (Roberts, trombones).

Acting as corrosion-resistant materials
Graphite has a good chemical stability. The graphite which has been specially processed possesses the corrosion-resistant quality, good thermal conductivity and low permeability. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of heat exchanger, reactor, condensation control, burning tower, absorption tower, chillers, heaters, filters, pumps and other equipment. These devices are used in petrochemicals, hydrometallurgy, acid production, synthetic fiber, paper industry and other industrial sectors and can save a lot of metal materials.
Xianghai is a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of graphite products .Over the past 30 years' experience, we have become a leading producer of Graphite Products on the Chinese market. We produce Graphite Products of over 200 specifications for the clients' choice. We also keep researching and developing new graphite products to satisfy our clients' needs. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. We have clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. High quality products and the competitive price are the foundation and guarantee of our growing market and clients. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' demands. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).