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Carbon Graphite

Wear-resistant carbon graphite products are usually used as structural materials which are frequently applied to the mechanical industry and chemical production. They have become an important branch of the carbon and graphite product industry. The type and the number of wear-resistant carbon graphite products are rapidly growing at home and abroad.

Compared with many metallic materials and non-metallic materials, carbon graphite materials have a relatively high thermal stability and thermal conductivity and a lower coefficient of thermal expansion. More remarkably, carbon and carbon materials will not have chemical reactions with most acid and alkali solution and salt solution. Graphite materials also have the capability of self-lubricating. The carbon graphite materials have a friction coefficient of only 0.04-0.05 when they are in friction with many metal parts without lubricants. That is a very low friction coefficient.

Since most lubricant oil will be dissolved or set fire under high temperature, many devices which operate under high rate, high pressure and high temperature can not use ordinary lubricant oil to improve their wear-resistant capability of the moving parts. As a result, some machinery currently uses bearing piston, piston ring and seal ring made of carbon and graphite. These materials can run normally without lubricant oil with a temperature ranging from -200 ℃ to +200℃, a corrosive medium and a high speed (e.g. 100m/s). Of course, they have their own weaknesses, like being crisp and unable to endure clashes. Thus, their actual usage is also limited.

To lower the products porosity and raise the proportion of graphite, we need to dip the carbon graphite materials, which will affect their machinery ability, thermal, electrical and chemical capabilities. Many times of dipping is needed when we produce high-density and high strength products. The fuel cells our factory produces represent the development trend of the world's clean energy. Graphite is fuel cells' main ingredient. They are the high-tech and environmentally friendly products. With the upgrading of technologies and exploration of new products, to replace the current automobiles' fuel system with fuel cells has a huge market potential and a bright prospect. The various kinds of carbon graphite products our factory makes are widely used in all kinds of machinery devices. Because of their self-lubricant capability, ability to endure high and low temperature, and endure corrosion, they can satisfy the seal need of the media with a strong corrosion, easily explosive and radioactive.

The features of carbon graphite's:
1. Good self-lubricant capability
2. Good ability to endure chemical corrosion
3. Nice thermal conductivity and thermal stability
4. Adequate mechanical strength and anti-clash ability
5. Easy to process and able to form various shapes

Carbon Graphite Carbon Graphite Carbon Graphite Carbon Graphite

Specifications of Carbon Graphite, Metal Impregnated Graphite

Technical Parameters






Impregnated Materials


Antimony Alloy

Copper Alloy

Furan Resin

Furan Resin

Shore Hardness









< 3

< 1.5

< 1.5

Bulk Density






Compressive Strength






Bending Strength






Temperature Limit





We are professional manufacturer and supplier of carbon graphite in china. We have become a leading producer of carbon graphite on the Chinese market over the past 30 years' experience. We offer many types of carbon graphite for the clients' choice. We also keep researching and developing new carbon graphite to satisfy our clients' needs. Our company has already passed the International Quality System Certification known as ISO9001:2000. We have clients in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. High quality products and the competitive price are the foundation and guarantee of our growing market and clients. We can manufacture the products according to the clients' demands. We are surely willing to offer you OEM (original equipment manufacture).

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